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P.O. Box 4045

Queensbury, NY 12804 

Spaying/Neutering Feral/Stray Cats:

Mohawk Hudson Humane Society Saratoga (cats and dogs)
4255 Route 50, Saratoga Springs
(518) 886-9645


North Shore Animal League

Includes spay/neuter and rabies vaccine

Warren & Washington County, NY

Request Vouchers: 516-883-7900 Ext. 302


Spay/Neuter Only / Feral or Stray Cats Only

Washington County, NY


SCRUFF (Feral/Untamed cats)
Guilderland, NY
Includes spay/neuter, rabies vaccine & distemper vaccine (FIV/FELV test extra)

Other ways to help:

1) Put out food & water every day

2) Provide shelter, especially in the winter

3) Get them spayed/neutered and rabies vaccinated

4) Check to see if the cat is microchipped, or if there are any lost cat posts that match his/her description.

5) If friendly, work with a rescue to find placement, or open up your home for him/her!

6) If feral, be sure to have him/her ear tipped when being fixed, and return back to their territory outside (and continue feeding and providing shelter).

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