Spay/Neuter Clinic



What: Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic


Where: Essex/Warren/Washington/Saratoga County.  However, the clinic would serve residents from ANY county and would be available for shelters/rescue groups as well.


When: Ideally will be open by Summer.


Why: This area desperately needs a low-cost option that is easily accessible to members of the community as well as rescue groups.  Creating this resource will mean fewer homeless cats.  We can say this with absolute certainty after seeing the difference our small spay/neuter program made in just 3 years.  If we didn’t have to worry about appointments and expensive veterinary care, we could have easily spayed/neutered twice as many cats.


F.A.C.T. has been to several areas with as many as 40 stray cats and kittens.  Often times the property owners feel terrible about the condition of the cats (many are usually very sick) and didn’t want to let it get so out of control, but didn’t know what to do or who to call, and they couldn’t afford to pay full price at their vet.  This is where this clinic can change things.

F.A.C.T. started a spay/neuter program in mid-2017.



Statistics from this program:



Number of cats spayed/neutered in 2018: 100

Warren – 42

Washington – 48

Saratoga – 7

Other – 3


(Note: About half of these cats were owned by individuals who could not afford to have their cats fixed.  Also, the above numbers do not include foster cats.)



Number of cats spayed/neutered in 2019: 200

Warren – 51

Washington – 143

Saratoga – 6

Other – 0



Number of cats spayed/neutered in 2020: 310

Warren – 105

Washington – 151

Saratoga –47

Other – 7

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